Product Review: The TRESemmé Split Remedy (Hair Masque)

I’ve always kept my hair short because they’re a lot easier to take care off and thats just how I used to roll. But since the last year I’ve had this craze for abnormally long hair just because of this Youtuber down here. Just LOOK AT HER !! AND HER HAIR !!  so gorgeous :3

( Comment if you know her or love her hair)


DAY 1:

How my hair felt after wash: Well they felt like how it feels; soft and smooth. But after my hair dried , it was really frizzy and tangled more than normal so I put in a drop of hair oil and now they feel A LOT better, like it totally tamed my hair with just ONE DROP. (comment to know which one I used) 

Day 3:

My hair feels a lot softer and I did not even need to put a drop to tame my mane.

Day 9:

My hair smells so amazing. I forgot to mention the bomb smell in my earlier logs. My hair’s texture has improved dramatically. You know your hair gets lighter at the tips when you have split ends and they feel so rough like a broom; well my hair does NOT feel like that now. This serum was magic for me.

Pros for getting it:


  1. Its cheap and has a lot of product so it will last longer. I got it for 395 / pkr so it will be around 3.77 US dollars.
  2. It actually works.
  3. Healthier looking hair.
  4. Smells amazing.
  5. Makes your hair soft and shiny.
  6. Prevents split ends.

so people don’t be lazy to buy this product. Take Charge .

So, guys that is it for this post. 

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