100 ways to make your days happier! (Part 1)

Everyone wants to be happier, wealthier and content with their lives. We try each day to make our lives easier. We work hard, pray and read motivational quotes and pin them to our pinterest accounts but there are days when we forget how to think positive. On these days we feel drained out, tired and sad from keeping our shit together for so long.

Here’s an advice: Allow yourself to take a break on those days.

I don’t mean to neglect your most important chores. What I mean is that give yourself a mental break from the world.

I am here this week to share with you some tips that could be useful in avoiding bad days and changing bad days into good ones because only you can decide what type of day you are going to have. REMEMBER: You are in control of happens in your life. 100% in control.


  1. Smile even if you dont feel like it. Seriously this works. C’mon try smiling and you’ll notice that you feel A LOT better than you were feeling before. We’ve read it in so many articles that when you smile , it releases endorphins that boost your mood. I’ve tried it so many times and it always magically makes me feel a lot better about my day.
    tip#1 smile!!


  2. Dress up nice. Now, its a fact that you will feel a lot more nicer, confident and eventually happier if you are dressed nicely and you feel confident in the way you look. So, buddy wipe that drool off your face, put those doritos aside, go to the bathroom, freshen up, dress nice and get ready to take on your day!


  3. Dance! Put your favorite song and sing and dance to it. Sometimes its okay to act silly.

    tip#3 dance!
  4. Save money. Now this one won’t help you become happy all at once. It will take time, you might even fail to save a couple of times but just imagine that how stress-free you will feel that you have money saved up and won’t be burdened by cash or loans. Feels nice, doesn’t it? So, make that feeling your motivation to save money and not splurge it on unnecessary snacks or any other items that you don’t need.
Save up!

So, here are the tips for the month of March. Start doing these and let me know how do you feel in April and by then I will share Part 2 of this post.

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